Michael Vito, Founder and President


I get lit up by cross-disciplinary solutions that leverage technology, business model innovation, and culture to solve environmental sustainability challenges, particularly those that revolve around urban development. My mission is to produce creative work that enables application of pressure at leverage points in government and the private sector needed to create dense and lively urban environments with wide access to mass transportation, supporting optimal use of resources, economic vibrancy, and high quality of life for inhabitants.

My professional background spans from nonprofit management to business, technology and communications strategy consulting, with specialization in corporate environmental sustainability. Prior to launching Third Place Media, I was Director of Programs for the Corporate Eco Forum, a membership organization for VP and C-level executives directing corporate environmental strategy, where I managed multiple member services and authored the Weekly Eco Briefing, an electronic newsletter that summarizes major corporate sustainability actions, ROI success stories, technology innovations, government policy updates, NGO news, and practical research and tools.

I closely monitor urban planning and environmental sustainability news, NGO activity, and policy in the US, China and Japan. I am an MBA graduate of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and an accredited LEED Green Associate. I study Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.