The term third place refers to social settings outside of home and work, which serve as platforms for civic engagement, increase social capital and constitute a large part of the identity and character of neighborhoods, towns and cities. Parks, markets, cafes, teahouses, the neighborhood greasy spoon and many others are all third places. Given the right care and consideration, even streets, sidewalks and transit infrastructure contribute to rich social fabric. Third places thrive in locations where zoning laws permit dense and mixed use of space. Walkable neighborhoods and proximity to public transit increase access and reduce dependence on cars. The combination results in more diverse, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable communities that address the needs of a broad group of stakeholders.

Third Place Media serves as a catalyst for the development of such communities, providing multimedia content creation and communications consulting to individuals, groups and organizations that want to increase awareness of existing community assets or seek to drive changes that bring new neighborhood features and increase engagement. Our company works with local governments and urban planners, economic development organizations, community organizers, business owners and other parties with interests in the health and character of their communities.

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